Performing Artists

Performing Artists

Coping with a nagging injury or illness?
Feeling burned out or discouraged in your career?
Do you find the recommendations for mainstream society to stay well insufficient for you?
Are you wondering about transitioning to a new career?

I Get It

You have chosen to be a perfomer. That means you are talented, creative, resilient and tenacious. But it also could mean you need a higher level of support to help you feel your best and stay well, so you can have a long and healthy career.

The majority of stressors faced by a performing artist on a regular basis including irregular employment, financial instability, and injuries that come with using your body to make your living taken individually can be too much for most people.

As a former professional singer, dancer, and actress with over 10 years in the business, I get it. One of my specialties is to help you work through and cope with those stressors, from a place of understanding and support.

A Few Words On Transitioning

If you are considering pursuing your other skills and talents, you are not alone. Making a career transition after the commitment and resources you have put into your performing career is a big decision, and a process.

With extensive experience in the process of making a career transition, both personally and professionally, I bring understanding and validation to each session as you explore your options, abilities, and talents so you can create not only your work, but your life.

Interview of Alena Gerst, As published by LifeForce Yoga News on transitioning from performing to wellness

A Wellness Handbook for the Performing Artist
In A Wellness Handbook for the Performing Artist: The Performer’s Essential Guide to Staying Healthy in Body, Mind, and Spirit, Alena Gerst examines issues that go beyond the importance of training or navigating the business of performing. It is the first book to prioritize the performer’s well-being, your ultimate key to a long and satisfying career.