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If You Must, Dance First

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If You Must, Dance First Alena Gerst Years ago, I was on the road performing in a show starring a seasoned, wildly talented, Tony award winning actress. I admired her work, and I wanted to learn as much as I could from her. I sought opportunities to ask her specific questions about her training, her approach to roles, and how she developed her career. She was always open to talking to me, and was genuinely very helpful. One day I broached a subject that is little discussed in the performing world, but I harbored a question and I was almost ashamed to admit it. I hoped asking her would not betray my dedication to our chosen field. “Did you ever think you wanted to have...

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5 Promises To My Daughter the Dancer

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I shouldn’t have been surprised when my 3 year old asked for ballet lessons. I was also 3 when I begged my mom to let me take ballet. Back in Phoenix in the 1970s, the only studio in town didn’t start kids until they were 5. But I was so eager to begin that my mom offered to join the class in full dance attire as the “teacher assistant” so she could keep an eye on me. The studio owner/teacher agreed, and I danced my way through my childhood, adolescence, and eventually into a 10 year professional performing career after college in New York City. When I asked my daughter what classes she wanted to take this summer and she said “ballet,” I felt a hiccup of emotion. For...

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