3 Ways To Start Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan

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I have two toddler-aged kids. They regularly take my breath away with their often-unexpected highs and lows. But one thing I have noticed remains constant for both: They love themselves! My younger son smiles at himself in the mirror, kisses his own lips, and plays with his reflection. My daughter, a little older, admires whatever she is wearing, whether she is dressed up as Queen Elsa or Iron Man or showing off a wildly mismatched outfit she has put together herself. The radical idea here is we all started off that way. We are born into this world believing we are both entitled to everything we need and deserving of love, care, and attention. We inherently know we are...

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Comfort in Community: Finding Support in Unexpected Places

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“She’s a little shy,” was our common refrain when someone asked our daughter a question and received no response. But we long suspected she was different. When our new-parent friends were excitedly talking about their baby’s first words, followed soon after by hilarious accounts of nonsensical word phases, eventually giving way to logical conversations they had with their kids, my daughter appeared generally unimpressed. My husband tried to comfort me by reminding me it’s okay that she is an introvert. Still, quiet conversations about what she was saying (or not saying) dominated our pillow talk for many nights. She was born with a life-threatening infection. While she...

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Is It Winter Blues or Major Depression?

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All people, at some point, experience one or more of the symptoms of depression. It is normal for our moods to cycle moderately while we balance demands at work and at home, while coping with short- or long-term illness, or when dealing with a loss such as a death or breakup. Mental health professionals also expect to see fluctuations a little more pronounced during the winter season. read...

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7 Steps to Building Emotional Resilience

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Many of us spend a significant amount of time and effort on how we appear on the outside. We get haircuts; buy clothes, jewelry, and cosmetics; and even opt for expensive and painful medical procedures to maintain an image of youthful resilience. But what about our internal resilience? While physical appearance is important to many of us to varying degrees, our mental and emotional resilience may be a better predictor of health and quality of life in the long run. Since it is never too early to start making a concerted effort to build emotional resilience, here are seven ways you can begin to bolster your internal strength. 1. Spend Time with Positive People Have you...

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4 Myths About Psychotherapy You Should Know Before You Go

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4 Myths about Psychotherapy You Need To Know Now by Alena Gerst, LCSW, RYT For many people, going to therapy is a hot-button issue. The idea somehow implies that a person in therapy is weak, unable to manage their problems, downright crazy, or just seeking attention. But regardless of where you live, you undoubtedly know someone who is currently in therapy or has been at some point in their lives. Therapy can be an instrumental tool for growth and healing. The mental wellness community is making tremendous strides to educate the public on the real truths about therapy. If you have been wondering about therapy for yourself or someone you love, here are four myths you...

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