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3 Ways To Start Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan

Posted by on Apr 14, 2017 in GoodTherapy | Comments Off on 3 Ways To Start Becoming Your Own Biggest Fan

I have two toddler-aged kids. They regularly take my breath away with their often-unexpected highs and lows. But one thing I have noticed remains constant for both: They love themselves! My younger son smiles at himself in the mirror, kisses his own lips, and plays with his reflection. My daughter, a little older, admires whatever she is wearing, whether she is dressed up as Queen Elsa or Iron Man or showing off a wildly mismatched outfit she has put together herself. The radical idea here is we all started off that way. We are born into this world believing we are both entitled to everything we need and deserving of love, care, and attention. We inherently know we are...

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