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Why Anger Is Good For You

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You know the feeling. Your face becomes hot, your heartbeat gets faster, you don’t know whether to scream, or cry, or tell someone (anyone!) off. You feel ANGRY, and since most of us are taught that anger is a bad thing, you’re not sure what to do about it. In my first job following graduate school, my beloved and supportive supervisor of almost two years resigned and was replaced by an ice-cold and ruthless bully. Before I knew it, interactions with this person were occupying my thoughts day and night. I played out situations in my head involving what I really wanted to say to her. I spent less time thinking about constructive next steps with my clients and more time...

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What Happens When Your Dreams Come True?

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When I moved to The Big Apple in 1998 to pursue my dream of dancing professionally, I was singlemindedly focused on one thing and one thing only: To make it. I kept an inspiring quote by Henry David Thoreau scribbled on a piece of paper in my pocket and glanced at it for continued motivation while riding the subway, just before an audition, or any time I felt discouraged. The quote reads in part: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined!” Over the course of a decade, I honed my skills and networked my way into a solid career of steady work. But I couldn’t help noticing that I often felt lonely and had a hard time...

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5 Ways You Hold Yourself Back (And What To Do About It)

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Do you ever hear about someone’s success and wonder, How did they get there? Do you sometimes feel like you’re on the outside looking in? I have a friend who recently posted on Facebook page that he feels unable to find contentment in his life or in his work, and asked for his friends’ thoughts on how he can change that. But for each person’s response, he had a negative retort, listing reasons why these ideas would not be feasible for him. I realized that more than suggestions from others, my friend needed to get out of his own way. For most of us, fulfillment and contentment are more available than we may realize. But without first acknowledging...

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